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Masterwork Academy Extra (MAX) Volunteer Information

FPC is currently offering "Masterwork Academy Extra," or "MAX," to support our Emerson Lunch Buddies and our Anderson Masterwork students and their school-age siblings. This is a full-day extension of Masterwork Academy's regular programming in Scripture, music, visual art, and ballet, which will also include instruction in reading, PE, and special presentations from community leaders.

There are NUMEROUS volunteer positions that need to be filled!

Click here for descriptions of available volunteer roles:  MAX Volunteer Job Descriptions

Click here to sign up for various roles and shifts:  MAX Volunteer Shifts

Thank you for your willingness to wrap the arms of the Church around these children!

MAX Planning Team:  Jan Creveling, Cindy DeVore, Rev. James Estes, Laurel Baird, Gretchen Bashforth, Jenette McEntire, Jan Miller, Duff Points  

MAX Volunteer Video from First Presbyterian Church, Tulsa on Vimeo.