Tidings Magazine

Tidings is the magazine of First Presbyterian Church. It is published every other month and inserted into the bulletin during Sunday services. Copies of Tidings are also available in the literature racks in both the Narthex of the church building and the Miller Atrium. An online version is available by downloading the PDF files below. The print version can be mailed by special request.

Tidings includes some calendar and event information, but it is primarily the ongoing story of the work and movement of the Holy Spirit in the congregation of First Presbyterian Church. Each issue includes stories of members involved in various ministries of the church, articles about developing spiritual disciplines, and opportunities to help you grow as a disciple.

The content in Tidings comes mostly from willing contributors within the church body. If you would like to write, photograph, or offer artistic or editorial assistance for Tidings, please contact the director of communications (918-301-1032).

Current Issues (Volume 61, 2016)