Habitat for Humanity

Mission Habitat for Humanity
Location / 108 N. Birmingham Pl. Tulsa, OK 74110
Date/Time September 7 - November 30
Contact Rachael Kamaru / Rkamaru(at)firstchurchtulsa.org / 918-301-1039

There are many stories of joyful, faithful service within the life of First Church, and one of the ways we celebrate these stories is with the dedication of Habitat Homes. First Church is grateful to celebrate and honor Bob Farris by building a home for the Tung pi and Cing Man. 

Meet the Family 

In 2008, husband and wife, Tung Pi and Cing Man made the fateful decision to leave their native Myanmar (Burma) with their young son to seek a better life. As members of the Zomi Christian minority, they were under constant threat of persecution, including forced labor, abuse from the police and confiscation of food and property.Through many years as a refugee in Thailand and years of separation from his wife and son, in 2016 Tung received word that his family would traveling together to the United States - a dream come true.

Tung and Cing are excited to move their growing family into a new home that they will own. They have recently welcomed a daughter in July, so having plenty of room for the children to grow and play is more important than ever.

Get Involved 

In partnership with First Baptist Church of Tulsa, St. Andrew Baptist Church, and Cedar Ridge Christian Church, First Church is raising funds and recruiting volunteers to help build a home for the Pi family. First Church has pledged to raise $20,000 toward the final cost of the home.

To help us complete this goal, Click to donate* to our Habitat House                         

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 If you would like to volunteer with the construction please fill out this form 

For more information, contact Rachael Kamaru at 918-301-1039 or Rkamaru(at)firstchurchtulsa.org